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The band was born in 1991 as a garage - punk quartet. The first release, the self - produced EP Out of My Mind (1993, Tortilla Records TORT001), proved to be well accepted by all the garage fans.
The Space Cakes soon gained a place among Italy's favorite garage - bands. 1995 saw the release of the LP "Taste the Flavour Of" (1995, Helter Skelter). Important underground magazines wrote enthusiastic reviews about this record, while the San Francisco - based radio KFJC broadcasted it extensively, so that it became No. 6 in the November 1995 playlist. The band became very popular between the DJs, as can be seen in Uncle Al's Homepage. The same year a contribution to the compilation "Tales from the Boot" featured an energetic live version of the classic "She's the One".
The success of "Taste..." opened new doors, and in 1996 Detour Records, leader among garage - mod labels, released The Sailing Ship (1996, Detour Records DR 045), as one of the first singles by a non - british band. Again, excellent reviews expressed general approval for a sound which was slightly changing towards more sophisticated harmonies. Their fame was increased by Fritz Radio, Berlin, which broadcasted the record along the winter of 1996 - 1997.
In 1997, the band was asked by Detour to take part in two tribute - compilations composed of songs respectively written by Oasis (!) and The Beatles. The band faced the challenge, and turned "Some Might Say" into a psycho - garage number, while respectfully rendered an organ - mod version of "Love Me Do" which appeared as the first track in the CD. The disks (1997, 1998 Tribute Records TR013 and TR014) are available from Tribute Records.

And finally, the brand new CD In A Forbidden Place is being released during autumn 1998 through ON/OFF - Tortilla Records (1998 TORT002). The album will hopefully satisfy those that have followed us so far, being at one time classical and innovative. The Hammond organ perfectly blends with the Vox guitar, while the bass and drums spiral through complex though uptempo rhythms. A series of instrumental songs opens new roads to follow.
You can read a couple of recent reviews of this record at this page.

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